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Calvary Chapel Bacolod still remains a simple mission for the LORD, His people and His kids. Calvary Chapel is growing in the LORD, by His grace. The mission is full of American and Filipino missionaries and a bunch of children that love Jesus. Yielded to the Holy Spirit’s leading, for the glory of the LORD.

Calvary Chapel is a threefold ministry; a Church fellowship, Calvary Chapel Bacolod (CCB). A Children's Home (CCCH). And a Christian School, Calvary Chapel Christian School (CCCS).

Calvary Chapel Bacolod:
The church is growing by God’s grace and in His Spirit, to teach the solid word of God. Helping the needy and ministering to ALL.Pastor Joe Rosmarino is pastor/teacher.

Calvary Kids:
The Home is a safe refuge and large shelter of God’s love and GRACE. Giving a home and family for children in need for as long as there is need. Pastor Joe Rosmarino and wife Billie Rosmarino are directors/house parents.

Calvary Chapel Christian School:
The school continues to educate His children with God’s truth in all subjects. Pastor Joe is Administrator. Our prayer and desire is that the Lord, will continue to guide and direct, His ministry. And that we, as American and Filipino missionaries, would remain empty and fully yielded to Him alone, in everything. Full of HIS GRACE and HIS LOVE to minister to His kids and to all He has brought our way. We truly believe, that the Lord is the Founder and Sustainer of Calvary Chapel Bacolod.

To God alone, be the glory, great things He has done. We are extremely thankful to HIM, that He has allowed us to be a part of His great work.

The scripture that the LORD has used time and time again, since 1988 has been Proverbs 3:5-6


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